Training in Shinuhayr

On August 1st 2017¸ a training was organized in Shinuhayr for high school youth in the framework of  "Freedom of Expression using New Technology'' project . The project is supported by the Czech embassy in Armenia. The training was conducted by the profesional in these speher Astghik Isakhanyan.
The aim of the training was to increase knowledge of youth on the importance of the freedom of speech¸ skills on how to use social media for the freedom of speech. The youth were very active during the training sharing  their opinions and holding an active discussion.

At the end of the training the youth were divided into 2 groups and did 'The fundamental problem of my community'' group work.  During the group work they  presented the concerning problem breifly and explained through which socila media platform they will publish it.
The whole training was recorded.

Rights Information Center NGO continues to organize trainings in different communities.