Monitoring of civil court sessions

4427 civil court sessions were appointed in the First Instance Court of Syunik Region in the period of February to July. 3172 (71¸6% ) out of these court sessions refer to court cases of loan organization. In this mentioned period¸ the monitoring group has been present in 62 court sessions. Only in 18 court sessions the defendant was present out of this 62 court sessions. In 7 court sessions out of the mentioned 18¸ the citizens had right to have public defender and get free legal assistance¸  but did not know about that.

During the monitoring the booklets were printed about who can get free legal assistance and how¸ also  the contacts of public defenders of Syunik region were inserted. Due to this booklets¸ the citizens became more informed about their right to have a public defender¸ which is free of charge¸ and also the visits of citizens became more often during which they asked questions about public defenders’ office and their rights.

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