About Us

Rights Information Center NGO

Law supporting consultation NGO was founded and officially registered in 2000.
The mission of the organization is

To help people know and protect their rights.

The goals of the organization are:
§  Protection  of Human Rights
§  Establishment of supremacy of law
§  Formation of  civil society
§  Illustration and dissemination of rigths and laws
The organization operates  within the Republic of Armenia, particularly in Syunik Marz and the head office is in Goris town.
Since its foundation the organization has implemented a lot of projects cooperating with outstanding international organizations.
More than 1800-2000 citizens annually turn to the organization for protection of their rights;  for consultation with a lawyer and for  appropriate  help.
The NGO has more than 350 members, 21 volunteers, a permanent staff of 7 workers, office area and appliances.
The NGO collaborates  with many international organizations, such as UN Armenia Office, OSCE , USAID,  World Bank, the Embassy of the  United States of America, Soros Found, the Embassy of the  Kingdom  of the Netherlands, as well as  the organization cooperates with Helsinki Foundation of Human Rights, which operates  in Poland and the specialists of  the NGO develop their knowledge and skills at that organization.

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