Informational display boards have been placed in additional 15 residential areas of Syunik region

In the frames of “I have the right to have a defender” project during April-May 2018 Rights Information Center NGO is placing informative display boards on provision of free legal aid in Khoznavar, Vaghatur, Kornidzor, Nerkin Khndzoresk, Hartashen, Harzhis, Khot, Vorotan, shurnukh, Syunik village, Sisian, Shaqi, Goris and Akner .

The display boards include a list of eligible groups for free legal aid, contact information of Public defenders in Syunik, clarification of laws etc. The following information is regularly being updated by RIC NGO.

The placement of display boards has fostered the visits by citizen in need of free legal aid to RIC NGO where free legal consultation was provided. If necessary, the citizens were later referred to the public defender’s office.
"I  have the right to have a defender" project is implemented by the consortium of   “Rights Information Center” and “Goris Press Club” NGOs  though the grant funded by European Union in the scope of “Strong Civil Society Organizations for Stronger Armenia” project.


The public discussion of the published report was organized

On 27th of December, 2017 the Rights Information Center NGO has organized discussion of  the “Accessibility problems monitoring  of the provided free legal assistance to the citizens involved in the military and civil cases in the Syunik District’s Court of the First Instance” report. Military officers, Military Police officers‚ investigators‚ lawyers‚ advocates‚ members of the Goris community council‚ journalists‚ representatives of the non-governmental organizations‚ interested people and active citizens.
The report and it suggestions about the effectiveness of the provided free legal aid and the necessity to improve the quality of it were presented during this public discussion. An effective  discussion was held with the present people‚ in the result of which there are new suggestions referring to the field.  The military officials agreed with the problems inserted in the report‚ particularly‚ with the problem of the court session delays‚ problems of the accessibility of the free legal aid‚ and the right of the conscripts to have a public defender.



In the framework of “Access   to  Free  Legal  Aid for Conscripts-2
” project, the Rights Information Center NGO has compiled the report after implementing the monitoring of civil and criminal court sessions and analyzing the acquired data  with the monitoring group and the  project staff. The printing works of the monitoring report are completed. The printed report have been sent to the Ministry of Justice of RA, Military Police of the Republic of Armenia, courts, public defenders, lawyers, journalists, non-governmental organizations, Syunik Mars Prosecutor’s office and to the interested people. The report is being disseminated among citizens of Armenia.
There will be held public discussions about the report.

This report  has been compiled with the support of     NED(NationalEndowment For Democracy)    within the framework of the "Access   to  Free  Legal  Aid for Conscripts -2
" program.

The brochure was printed in 2000 copies.          
The report consists of 40 pages.
On the 5th page is presented the Applied Introduction.


Final Conference of “Freedom of Expression Using New Media Technologies” project

On 19th of October 2017 the final conference of “Freedom of Expression Using New Media Technologies” project ,implemented by Rights Information Center NGO, has been held in the conference hall of “Mirhav” hotel.
Representatives of non-governmental organizations, journalists, editors, teachers, pupils, students and active youth have been present in the conference-discussions. The whole project and its activities, the successes acquired during the project and suggestions have been presented to the audience.
The invited guest- speakers expressed their opinions on the implemented project and also talked about the situation of   freedom of expression in Syunik region.


In “RIC” NGO was organized an accounting training

On 12th of October, a training on “Accounting of Small Business and Projects” has been held in RIC NGO. The training was conducted by Margarita Poghosyan, an experienced specialist of the field. The participants got acquainted with the requirements of tax reporting of the small businesses and online reporting.

The training has been organized as part of “Developing Employability Skills for the Youth of Syunik Marz”  project funded by the Peace Corps Armenia Small Project Assistance Fund and USAID