The public discussion of the published report was organized

On 27th of December, 2017 the Rights Information Center NGO has organized discussion of  the “Accessibility problems monitoring  of the provided free legal assistance to the citizens involved in the military and civil cases in the Syunik District’s Court of the First Instance” report. Military officers, Military Police officers‚ investigators‚ lawyers‚ advocates‚ members of the Goris community council‚ journalists‚ representatives of the non-governmental organizations‚ interested people and active citizens.
The report and it suggestions about the effectiveness of the provided free legal aid and the necessity to improve the quality of it were presented during this public discussion. An effective  discussion was held with the present people‚ in the result of which there are new suggestions referring to the field.  The military officials agreed with the problems inserted in the report‚ particularly‚ with the problem of the court session delays‚ problems of the accessibility of the free legal aid‚ and the right of the conscripts to have a public defender.
They agreed with the suggestions referring to the existing problems of the provision of free legal assistance. The lawyers and advocates present in the discussion also talked about the public defenders’ overload work and the issues of the provided legal assistance’s quality.
The existing suggestion in the report will be replenished with the suggestions presented during this public discussion and the compiled package of suggestions will be officially presented to the Ministry of Justice of the RA‚ Judicial Department of the RA‚ Chamber of Advocates of the RA and National Assembly of the RA.

This public discussion has been organized in the framework of  “Access   to Free  Legal  Aid for Conscripts-2” project funded by the NED“National Endowment For Democracy”foundation.