Monitoring works are continuing

Monitoring works are continuing to be in the First Instance Court of Syunik region  . The monitoring is conducted by the volunteers trained for "Free Legal Assistance Monitoring - 2" program. During the period from May to July, 2017, 2162 civil court sessions were scheduled in the courts of Syunik region, 1564(72%) out of which  were related to banks and credit organizations. The number of cases have been increased by 1% compared with the previous quarter.

The monitoring group have participated in 41 court session and about 7 out which there was no information posted in datalex.am informative webpage.

It is difficult to get information about the place and time of criminal court cases because the information is restricted in dtalex.am informative webpage. In the result of calls to the courts it was clear that majority of criminal court cases with restricted information in datalex.am refer to conscripts. The Rights Information Center NGO have sent an official letter stating about the problem to the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Armenia and to the judicial department.