Past Projects

1. 01.02.2016 Free Legal Aid to Conscripts
The program provides for the monitoring of court sessions in Syunik region by soldiers reveal the problem of judicial protection, and public awareness of the problem through the defense mechanisms of public debate and propose solutions. With the support of National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

2. 01.09.2013-01.09.2015 Community budget monitoring
In 6 communities of Syunik region were set up monitoring teams which have participated in the monitoring of the budget and ensuring transparency expenditure . As a result, in 6 communities 38 million dram has been economized. With the support of World Vision Armenia Our vote worths more.
Towards the presidential elections were organized debates, raised human awerness. With the support of  Counterpart elections 
Promotion of youth participation in the parliamentary elections and the voting rights awareness. With the support of Counterpart  The information as a community development tool 
In 10 rural communities have been created blog-sites by young people. With the support of trial through the Local Media 
Protection of the interests of the military courts: military courts in Syunik region. With the support of Monitoring as a means of protecting rights 
The human rights system development in Syunik region: young people from Syunik. With the support ofթ Youth for rights protection 
Activation of the human rights activities of young people, from Syunik region: 55-60 students from universities of Syunik:  With the support of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sportsթթ Monitoring of free legal aid 
Provision of affordable Legal Aid in the courts of Syunik region free legal assistance to the citizens who need it : With the support of US Embassy

10. 01.01.2009-01.01.2010թթSelf-government trancparensy in communities 
Provision of citizens participation in the activities of local governments: rural communities of Syunik region: MATRA KAP Programm: With the support of Embassy of Niderlands: 30.07.2008թթ Public monitoring for rights protection
Monitoring was implemented in police departments of Syunik region, was published a report, citizens were informed about their rights. With the support of USAIDCounterpart 10.02.2008թթ. Youth Initiatives for the Future 
Activation of youth participation in the presidential elections of 2008: 12 young people from the communities of Syunik region. With the support of "Youth Event organizing center" SNCO

13. 2007 January-MayLook at Future 
About 800 young people were informed on electoral process of upcoming parliamentary elections: With the support of  USAID, Counterpart

14.2006 թ April-May Democratic self-governing 
Goris community council's transparency: Goris local councils, people:  With the support of Counterpart

15.2005-2006  Support to the development of civil initiatives in Syunik region 
In 24 communities of Syunik region were developed participatory strategic plans. With the support of World Bank, OSI

16.2003-2004  Legal assistance to local self-government 
Training of local government employees, ensure budget transparency: 72 employees from 24 communities of Syunik region. With the support of USAIDWorld Learning

17.2003-2004  Support to human rights protection in Syunik region. Provides access to information about human rights: 9 residents of the most remote communities of Goris.  With the support of World Vision Armenia

18.2002-2003 Healthy future. Rights protection of 350 schoolchildren from Goris.With the support of World Vision Armenia

20. 2001-2002Freedom Bell . Covering the basics of human rights in schools, 750 students from 6 schools in Goris: With the support of USAIDWorld Learning

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