In the framework of “Access   to  Free  Legal  Aid for Conscripts-2
” project, the Rights Information Center NGO has compiled the report after implementing the monitoring of civil and criminal court sessions and analyzing the acquired data  with the monitoring group and the  project staff. The printing works of the monitoring report are completed. The printed report have been sent to the Ministry of Justice of RA, Military Police of the Republic of Armenia, courts, public defenders, lawyers, journalists, non-governmental organizations, Syunik Mars Prosecutor’s office and to the interested people. The report is being disseminated among citizens of Armenia.
There will be held public discussions about the report.

This report  has been compiled with the support of     NED(NationalEndowment For Democracy)    within the framework of the "Access   to  Free  Legal  Aid for Conscripts -2
" program.

The brochure was printed in 2000 copies.          
The report consists of 40 pages.
On the 5th page is presented the Applied Introduction.
On the 7th page are presented the objectives and methods of the free legal assistance monitoring.
 On the 9th page is presented the legal regulation of the provision of the free legal assistance to the citizens.
On the pages 10-11 , the legal regulation of the Public Defender’s office and legal bases of the right to public defending is presented.
On the 13th page the prohibition of other works to be done by the public defender is presented.
On the 15 page is presented the core problems of court cases with restricted information and accessibility on the judicial department’s informative system www.datalex.am  (From February to July, the information was restricted on 535 out of 1049 court cases scheduled in the Syunik District Court of First Instance. This means that there was no information on the type of the court cases, the location, were the court session should take place and time).
On the 17th page is it written about the core problem, which is  that on Datalex   Judicial informative webpage often the information the location and time of the scheduled court session is not corresponding with the real location and time of the arranged court session.
On the 18th page is presented the delays of court sessions (13 out of 58 monitored court sessions were postponed).
On the 19th page is presented the accelerated trail of court sessions (64.4% of the monitored 45 court sessions have been accelerated. This is decreased by 16% compared to the last year).
On the 21st page are inserted analytical date about the appointed court session in the  Syunik District Court of First Instance(28.8% of the monitored 45 court cases are referring to Article 177 of the Criminal Legislation of the Republic of Armenia, which is about robbery. 22,2% refers to  the Article 359 of the Criminal Legislation of the Republic of Armenia, which is about the violation of rules of relations of the conscripts. 17,7% refers to the Article 358  of the Criminal Legislation of the Republic of Armenia, which is about implementation of violent actions against the authority/head. The rest of the cases which is 20%, are referring to the Articles 364‚ 362‚ 333‚ 361‚ 104 of the Criminal Legislation of the Republic of Armenia  ).
On the pages 21-22, the statistics of criminal proceedings in the form of figures and diagrams are available.
On the 23rd page , civil court cases are monitored (from February to July, we participated in 89 civil court cases. Only in  7 cases the parties  were involved in the trial.) of the citizens involved in these 7 cases had the right to get free legal assistance. 3172 out of 4427 civil court sessions/72%/ referred to the requirement to levy the amounts provided by banks and credit organizations).
The 25th page   is about the issues of citizens awareness and  the effectiveness of public defender's participation in Civil cases.
On the 26th page  is presented the effectiveness and overload of the public defender`s activities.
On the 28th page   are presented the inquiries among citizens about the activities of the public defender.
On the 29th page are presented the results of monitored 45 court sessions about public defenders activities in the Syunik District Court of First Instance.
On the  31st page      Summary

On the  35-36 pages  Suggestions
on the 37th   page                appendix 1
on the 39th   page                appendix  2