Debates held in Goris and Kapan¸Syunik Region¸ Armenia

Rights Information Center NGO's ‘Youth Awareness on the electoral processes’ program organized debates and discussions between the parties, candidates, and representatives nominated by unions for the April 2nd election to the National Assembly. The debates were organized in Goris (March 17) and Kapan (March 21). Discussions provided a dialogue between the public and the political parties and alliances.
These debates helped people, especially young people, to raise important issues and understand the positions of the parties and coalitions around specific issues. During the debate, representatives of political parties and presidential candidates presented their platforms and positions on current issues and potential solutions. Community representatives, journalists, and more than 30 young people attended. The Kapan debate was also attended by observers from OSCE. Debates were broadcast online, in which the representatives of political parties and MP Candidates also answered questions sent by Facebook users.

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