The statistics of the court cases in courts of Syunik region during the period of February-April 2017

Civil cases

During the period of February-April 2017¸ 2265 civil cases were assigned to the court of Syunik Region¸ of which 1609 were about banks and credit organizations loans against citizens.
We interviewed the judge of Goris court¸ Murad Hovakimyan¸ who told that the main reason for so many cases is the lending policies of banks and credit institutions and insolvency of the citizens.
For example in April 2017¸ 86 court cases were scheduled in Sisian¸ 152 in Goris¸ 216 in Kapan and 56 in Meghri.
In the framework of the RIC NGO’s Free legal aid monitoring project¸ a monitoring group was formed. The group studied 50 trials of which four were monitored related to insolvent citizens who are entitled to free legal assistance.

Court cases about conscripts

During the period of February-April 2017¸ 18 court cases were assigned to the court of Syunik Region about conscripts. The data was taken from DataLex information system. But there were some cases¸ which had no information available¸ or listed on datalex.am. The study results of the last year showed¸ that there are cases which DataLex doesn’t provide information on anymore. An example of this is the case of the 6 conscripts which is still in progress and is regularly held in Goris court. Most court cases continue to be held in Stepanakert. During the mentioned period¸ 15 of the 18 trials were held in Stepanakert, 2 in Goris, and one case in Kapan.  

                        Brief description
Violence against the commander.
 Breach of relations, prescribed by field manuals, between not subordinated servicemen.
Insulting a serviceman.
Refusal from performing one’s military duties.
Breach of rules for driving or operating vehicles.
False crime reporting.
Illegal turnover of narcotic drugs or psychotropic materials without the purpose of sale.

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