71% of the cases are about loans

Due to the Free legal aid monitoring project, RIC NGO is continuing doing monitoring in courts of Syunik region. From February-April 2017, 2265 civil court cases were assigned in the court of Syunik Region. 71% of the cases were about confiscation of money claimed by banks and loans organizations to citizens. Our research showed, that in civil cases both plaintiff and defendant weren’t usually present at the cases.
But we mentioned that the citizens who are involved in the cases, need support and advice. For example, due to May1-20, 2017 4 citizens have applied for legal aid to RIC NGO. The reason was confiscation of property claims submitted by lending companies or banks. The citizens were complaining, that they have been involved as guarantors, without having any idea of the consequences. RIC NGO gave them free legal support and advice, helped them to make direct appeals, also lead to the public defender’s office those citizens, who have right to free legal assistance