Youth final conference in Jermuk

From April 28- 30, 2017 Rights Information Center NGO hosted the closing conference of the “Youth awareness on electoral processes” project in the city of Jermuk. 30 active youth from Goris and Kapan participated in that discussion.
 On the first day, the groups of youth presented the outcomes of their trainings on the electoral processes which they organized at universities. The issues raised and people’s positive or negative reactions to the electoral processes were also discussed during the presentations.
At the start of the second day, famous journalist and social activist, Tatul Hakobyan participated as a speaker. He presented the need to compile authorities in the democratic way and the importance of fare elections. The youth asked interesting questions and presented their opinions to the speaker.
Rights Information Center`s Peace Corps volunteer, Gwen Hersh, ] also participated in the discussion. She presented the electoral process of Presidential elections in the US.
The main goal of this conference was to develop a strategic plan for the future actions of the project. The youth were divided into  3 groups and one topic was given to each group, around which they should suggest innovative approaches for the further actions and develop a strategic plan.
The given topics were
How to create alliances during the processes of establishing human rights and  democracy
Ideology against electoral bribery: what to do?
How and what to  demand from the deputies elected from the electoral district such as maintaining the mutual connection etc.
The  representative from EED in Armenia, Naira Sultanyan, also participated in the discussions of youth and suggested interesting and useful  ideas to the youth.
After the end of the group work, the youth groups presented their works and processes for plans on the primary actions were fixed in the result of these discussions. It was decided that after the editing and analyzing of all of the suggestions, to compile and publish a strategic plan of the youth suggestions called
“ Jermukian principles”  by May 15, 2017.            The best groups received prizes and certificates at the end of the conference.The project is implimented with the support of European Endowment For Democracy