The problems raised during the monitoring

 "Access   to Free  Legal  Aid for Conscripts-2" project is implemented in Syunik region by Rights Information Center NGO since February,2016.  The monitoring group has received information on court sessions from the www.datalex.am official webpage of the judicial department.
 According to 2017 datalex webpage, the information about around 60-70% of court sessions was restricted.
Rights Information Center NGO has wrote an official letter (26.06.2017 N 05-17)  about this problem to the head of the Judicial Department of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Karen Poladyan.
In response to the official letter of the Rights Information Center ,it was informed from the Judicial Department of the RA that the Judicial Department has started to develop new technological solutions and the informational restriction about some court cases in the datalex is linked to this circumstance. 
Rights Information Center NGO wrote a letter ( 27.06.2017 N04-17)  to the Minister of Justice, Mr. David Harutyunyan, requesting information about the official acceptance of the law project with which changes and additions should be implemented in the Law on Advocacy of RA. The above mentioned changes were developed and based on the suggestions presented  during the discussion of the ' The accessibility of the free legal aid provided to the conscripts in the Court of First instance of Syunik region' published report  which was developed by the RIC NGO.
The NGO always pays attention to the mentioned problems in the framework of its mission.

Below are presented the responses of letters