The court cases continue in Syunik region

RIC NGO continues to go to the court hearings in the Syunik District Court of First Instance in the framework of “Free legal aid to conscripts” project.
Youth, trained during project ‘Free legal aid to conscripts project, continue to attend  court hearings in the Syunik District Court of First Instance.
One of the civil court cases that was heard is about the confiscation of money from the loan guarantor by the loan organization. It is remarkable that the loan guarantor insists that she did not sign and was not in the loan organization at the time of signing. She announced during the court session that she is going to sue the loan organization. This loan guarantor applied to RIG for consulting and got legal advice.

During the court hearing of criminal cases, there is difficulty in knowing the place of the court sessions. The monitoring groups have already participated in hearings of 94 conscripts court sessions but there was no information about these sessions on the  RA Judicial Department’ webpage (datalex.am). The  information is restricted on the Datalex webpage about of the appointed criminal court sessions(approximately 60 %) and this means that there is no information available on where and when  the court session will take place, which nature does the case have.