Monitoring of provision of free legal aid

Rights Information Center NGO from March 1st to 5th organized training in the city of Goris for selected participants from Goris, Kapan and Sisian in the framework of ‘Free legal aid to conscripts’.
The topics of the training were:
·         The European Convention of Human Rights, the laws enshrined with the Constitution of RA, with which the conscripts have right to get free legal aid
·         The law on Advocacy
·         The monitoring on Human Rights
·         How to do monitoring of court sessions/ theoretical and empiric knowledge
·         How to do monitoring/ group works, practice, monitoring groups.
During the training, the participants get acquired with the informative system about court cases, the active laws and the norms established by the Code of Civil Procedure. With active discussions, role plays  the training was more practice and interesting.
     The monitoring groups formed after the training will start monitoring of court cases in the cities of  Goris, Kapan and Sisian.
It is planned to do monitoring of criminal and civil court cases. The monitoring will be implemented during those court cases where plaintiff is bank, loan organization, and the defendants are those citizens, who have the right to apply to the public defender.

Criminal  court sessions, where conscripts are participating, will be monitored.