6 Armenian conscripts can be imprisoned for up to 8 years.

There was an argument between 6 soldiers and the commander of the military unit, Karen Khachatryan in May 2016 in one of the military units of Syunik region. According to the Army officials, the commander was beaten by the 6 soldiers for 10 minutes. The incident happened on one of the conscript’s birthday. Some of the witnesses said that the conscripts were drunk. However, the conclusion of the forensic medical examination says that the commander didn’t have signs of even light body injuries, but of the arrested soldiers Arman Mikaelyan had an injury of the nose and chest. The lawyer of 2 of the accused soldiers Mariam Mkrtchyan said that the conclusion of forensic examination shows that the soldiers were not drunk.
Now the case is in the court. Six soldiers have been in jail for a few months already as the trial goes on.
The Rights Information Center NGO always is present in the trials and keeps an eye on this case to ensure that the rights of the conscripts will be defended maximally in the frames of the law.
On 5th 2016, in the Goris residence of general jurisdiction court of Syunik Region military court session was postponed because of the absence of the injured side.
The reappointed court session was on 27th of October which was again postponed this time because one of the advocates was not present.
The Rights Information Center have talked with advocates and made a video about this case.
Afterwards there were hold various court sessions for this trial and the representatives of the Centre were present as observers. The serial Court session was on 19th of January, 2017. From our Centre 2 people were present as observers in the court sessions. In the court were present all advocates included in the case, the prosecutor and also this time were present the witnesses too.

The Rights Information Center gives free legal advice to the parents of the accused soldiers and keeps contacts with advocates. The court sessions are going on. We will keep updating about the court sessions until the decision will be made by the judge.