The statistics of military court cases in courts of Syunik region in the period of April-May 2016

Whitin the framework of the project "Free legal aid to conscripts" monitoring activities are continuing in the courts by the Rights Information Center NGO. According to the Judicial Information System (datalex.am), 81 cases were scheduled in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Syunik region (Kapan) for the period of April-May 2016. In the mentioned period only 7 cases took place.
As a result of 2 cases, a verdict was made(RA Criminal Code Article 177, Paragraph 2, Part 3, Paragraph 2, 177 part 1.3 / theft).
At 5 court cases (Article 365 of the criminal code of 3.177 Part 2 Paragraph 3, 177 part 1, 182 part 1, part 2, point 3, 38-177, 361 part, 359 part 1, part 2, 371, 359 part 2 point 4) no decisions have been made yet. According to the NGO studies and surveys, the cancellation of the lawsuits was mainly due to the strengthened regime of the service at the Armenian-Azerbaijan border. As a result of this situation, conscripts are not able to participate in the juridical cases.