The statistics of military court cases in courts of Syunik region in the period of February-March 2016

Whitin the framework of the project "Free Legal Aid to Conscripts "the monitoring groups have started their work in courts. According to the datalex.am were scheduled 106 cases in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Syunik region (Kapan), and 10 cases in Goris for the period of February- March 2016. 31% of the cases investigated within the mentioned period are related to Article 358 of the RA Criminal Code, that is, violent acts committing or threating against the superior. 23% of the cases are related to Article 359 of the RA Criminal Code, that is, breaking the regulations of relationships among the conscripts due to lack of inferiority relations (subordination) among them. 46% of the cases are related to the RA Criminal Code Articles 363-1, 177, 360-1, 364-1, 364.2-1, 361. As a result of the preliminary analysis it is clear that in the military units are dominant the issues related to interpersonal relations between superiors and conscripts.