Free legal aid to conscripts

From 1 February 2016 launched the findings of the ITEK NGO "Free legal aid to conscripts" program, which aims to contribute conscripts to ensure a fair trial and access to redress. Recently, preliminary studies were carried out in a court of Syunik region, which indicates that there are related issues, legal aid and a counsel for conscripts for the full implementation of the law.

The program provides for the monitoring of court sessions in Syunik region by soldiers reveal the problem of judicial protection, and public awareness of the problem through the defense mechanisms of public debate and propose solutions.

Courts of general jurisdiction of the Republic of Armenia's Syunik Region are very much works on conscripts. For example, according to datalex.am site, the period of March-May 2015, 64 cases of 46 /71%/ treats conscripts /18-20 year old boys/ accusations.

The implementation of this project will enable the monitoring of a session of the soldiers in the courts of general jurisdiction in Syunik region, to identify the military effectiveness of the protection provided for free. The project will prepare a report, raised the issue of the state apparatus, to offer solutions.

It is also designed to assist soldiers who need free legal advice, if necessary, carry out advocacy, court cases going on in Syunik region, providing them with an experienced lawyer.

Under the program, NGO 11 young volunteers will carry out monitoring in Kapan, Goris and Sisian cities courts.